121 cancer coaching

FREE introductory coaching session

For those who are serious about making big improvements in your heath and want to see how a coach can help.

Schedule a no-obligation session to ask your questions and get a feel for how coaching works. You’ll leave this 30-minute call with a good idea of what your next step will be toward a confident, bright future

Individual coaching

For those who want one-on-one attention from your coach and the opportunity to reach your own customised health goals at your pace.

Three options:

  • Monthly. Begin with a 30-minute discovery session, followed by three 30-minute coaching sessions each month with unlimited e-mail contact for support.
    • Investment: £97 for discovery session + 3 x 30 minute coaching sessions.
  • Block of time. If you need more intensive coaching support or desire a varied schedule, you may purchase a block of time to use as your needs arise and the coaching schedule allows. This works well for those newly diagnosed with cancer who face many time-sensitive decisions.
    • Investment: £197 for 4 hours coaching with e-mail support to use within 6 months.
  • VIP Day. If you have a specific matter for coaching that can be addressed in a shorter period, we will schedule one session (6 hours) This is Gabby’s favourite way of working 121 with you. In a day tailored just for you, we can identify your goals and work on action plans to get you motivated and get started before you leave. We can work together on whatever issues you need help with, health, nutrition, stress management, work, finances, family, relationships, whatever the issue, there are solutions.
    • Investment: £397 for 6 hours.
  • GROUP COACHING SESSIONS : Next sessions are planned to begin in July 2014, small groups that support each other, in the Trafford area of Manchester - contact us to find out more.
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