New Dawn Programme

New Dawn Prgramme

£ 67 

New Dawn Programme

Confidence building exercises

A personalised wellness plan

Nutrition for real people – simple good habits

Coping with -and overcoming -anxiety and stress

Embracing your life’s purpose, Work and finances

Rebuilding your life- Moving forward into your bright future – Planning- Achieving – Celebrating!

Email support available 24/7 when you need personal attention

The New Dawn Programme will help you if you are feeling that

  • You have lost sight of who you are
  • Perhaps you have fear of the cancer returning      
  • It’s possible that you are anxious and fearful
  • Maybe you don’t sleep well
  • You feel you can’t look forward to a happy life
  • Perhaps you are confused about what you can do to stay well

What's included:

  • Confidence building exercises
  • Motivation and strategies to keep you on track with your goals
  • Diet sheets and lots and lots of nutritional advice
  • Many more tips for dealing with anxiety and stress
  • Help with managing money, plans for dealing with debt
  • Exercises that will help you identify your life’s purpose and what work you were born to do
  • Email support available 24/7 when you need personal attention


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